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      Dear Assembly Coordinator,

      You've got a difficult job. It's not easy finding a speaker or entertainer that will make the boss happy. You've got to bring in someone with experience, someone with a great, educational and entertaining program, and someone who is affordable.

      Sifting through the hundreds of options and finding a program that meets these criteria is almost an impossible task.


      I can help. My name is Tim David. I specialize in creating high-energy, entertaining, and affordable educational assembly programs for elementary school students on the topic of reading encouragement.

      My wife, Katie is a teacher in Massachusetts so Iím well aware of the stifling budget restrictions that your school is forced to operate under. Because of the lack of funds, quality assembly programs for our kids are almost a thing of the past.

      But thatís where I can help.

      Over the past few years, Iíve had the pleasure of presenting my programs for over 100,000 children. I can certainly say Iíve learned a few things along the way! I feel very fortunate to have my job...I get a unique opportunity to share powerful messages that I strongly believe in, with children who need to hear them.

Here Are The TOP TEN Reasons To Bring These Unique Programs To Your School: (But don't take my word for it...)

  1. Educational Ė It is vitally important that ALL assemblies be educational above all else. Classroom time is highly valuable and any outside programs should support curriculum, not distract from it.

          My reading programs have been thoroughly researched and each assembly is carefully scripted so you can be sure your students will be learning the important lessons that they need to know if they are going to be successful.

    "Tied right inÖ"
    "Very enjoyable program with a reading theme, which tied right into our end of the year Reading Celebration."
    - Deborah Cozzens, Leddy School

    "...great lesson"
    "The show was very good. The message to the children was a great lesson." - Geri Sargent, Clinton Elementary

    "...they talked about the message"
    "It was both fun and tied in so well to our PBIS lingo!

    Without question your kids will love the show! Our 5th graders are a tough crowd so it was so fun to hear them talk all about the magic for the rest of the day - trying to figure out that soda can!

    * One of my teachers just wrote me, 'The magician was one of the best shows I've seen for kids. They loved him & talked about the message he was sending!'"
    -Amy Battisti, School Counselor - BF Norton School in Cumberland, RI

  2. FUN Ė My programs are designed to be FUN and FUNNY for both students and teachers. Having controlled fun is the best way to keep the attention of even the toughest kids, wouldn't you agree?

    "...not only educational but most enjoyable."
    "The show was great! Not only were the students captivated - but the staff was as well! The biggest complement a performer receives is when the teachers love an assembly. They thought the program was not only educational but most enjoyable. We'll definitely have you back next year!"
    - Lisa Simione, PAC President of St. Colman School

    " and entertaining."
    "Tim's 'Magic of Reading' show strongly emphasized the importance of reading while remaining fun and entertaining."
    - J. Rapp, Children's Librarian, W. Bridgewater Public Library

  3. Complete Audience Involvement Ė "Tell me, Iíll forget. Show me, Iíll remember. Involve me and Iíll understand." EVERY student is given an opportunity to participate.

    "...nice to see them participate..."
    "I received many compliments on your Magic Show. The children really enjoyed themselves. It was especially nice to see them participate in the act itself. You did an outstanding job and I plan on hiring you again for future events. Thanks so much."
    - Heather Machado, BJ's Wholesale Club

    "...a very exciting part of the performance."
    "A one man show is no small feat. Tim's patter and seemingly endless supply of tricks captivated children and adults alike. Audience participation was a very exciting part of the performance."
    - Althea H. Brady, Librarian, White Memorial Library, E. Freetown

  4. Age-Appropriate Ė My programs are always custom tailored for each group of students so they will get the maximum benefit.

    "...well received..."
    "The message was well received by the K-3 students. The 'magic' element kept them entertained as well."
    - Gail Lake, Highlands Elementary

    "...gears it to their level..."
    "Tim the Magician is wonderful. The children really enjoy him, he gears it to their level and gets them involved."
    - Open Arms Child Care

  5. Squeaky Clean And Inoffensive Ė Absolutely, positively no embarrassing innuendo or off-color remarks. This should go without saying, but with "political correctness" becoming more and more important, you can never be too safe.

  6. Easy And Hassle-Free Ė Just provide an audience and a power outlet for my sound system and Iíll supply the rest. I've worked in every situation imaginable and I'm flexible enough to adapt. No headaches for you!

    "Easier for me..."
    "I really enjoyed this event. It was easier for me than other programs Iíve done this year. Everyone really enjoyed it. Here are some comments we received: 'Perfect', 'very good', 'amazing', 'very fun', 'message is important for everyone' Thanks again, we loved it"
    - Janet Mathews, Parent Liaison, Huntington School, Brockton, MA

  7. Positive Role Model Ė I am passionate about reading and I honestly and genuinely "practice what I preach". (My passion will come through loud and clear as you make your way through the rest of this web site.) This is so important in a time when positive role models for children are so hard to come by.

    "...a role model for students."
    "The show's powerful messages established Tim as a role model for students (who are all in desperate need of positive encouragement these days)."
    - Edna Coia, Asst. Principal, Baldwin School, Pawtucket, RI

    "...sends a nice message to the children."
    "The feedback from the children and parents was wonderful and your 'I Love Reading' program sends a nice message to the children."
    - Elaine Hennessey, Silver Lake Early Childhood Council

  8. Non-Threatening Ė All messages are taught with a positive, up-beat style. No scare-tactics or "dangerous" magic tricks (knives, guns, or fire). No worries!

    "Laughter filled the halls."
    "Great time had by all. Laughter filled the halls. Information on your other programs would be appreciated."
    - Leanne Ball, Clinton Elementary PTA

  9. Professional Ė Iím fortunate to speak for a living. I feel truly blessed that schools enjoy my programs enough to have me back year after year. The past 10 years have certainly taught me the ins and outs of the business!

    "...This was the best magician assembly I have seen in 18 years!"
    -Jane Roche, 2nd Grade Teacher, West Kingston Elementary, S. Kingstown, RI

  10. Proof Ė Copies of the letters quoted above are available upon request. These letters from other assembly planners virtually guarantee that YOUR assembly will be just as successful as theirs, or even MORE so.

      Speaking of guarantees, hereís my exclusive:

Better Than Money Back Guarantee...

      My guarantee is simple and straightforward. If you are not completely satisfied that my program entertained and educated the children, you get 100% of your money back PLUS IíLL DONATE $100.00 TO YOUR PTA just for wasting your time.

      Thatís right. You get the complete fee refunded plus one hundred dollars!

      I canít be any fairer than that, can I? Thereís no risk for your school whatsoever. But hereís the truth:

      If you have read all the testimonials Iíve given you, you know that you donít have anything to worry about. You wonít be disappointed. You wonít want your money back.

      The point is; youíll be happy with the program...guaranteed.

Free Bonuses!

  • Support Materials - Comprehensive teachers' guides aid with the learning process even long after the assembly is over.

  • Handouts - Select programs also include handouts for every student.

"Wow Tim, This Sounds Great! Now What?"

      Click the links at the top of your screen for more information on each of my individual programs. Then, pick up the phone and call me to make sure that a date you want is available. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call: (508) 494-8872.

      Or if you prefer, you can email me at: Sometimes email is faster than phone tag. :o)


Tim David, Reading Assembly Specialist

P.S. Remember, Iím not going to try and "sell" you so you can relax Ė no pressure. Iím here to answer any questions you may have and to help make your assemblies the best and most memorable that they can be.

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