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Attention Reading Program Coordinators:

"Announcing Two Exciting Assembly Programs That Will Generate Enthusiasm And Increase Participation In Your Schoolís Next Reading Program Ė GUARANTEED!!!..."

"Great reading programs"

"Again, thank you for the great reading programs at Pitkin School today. Both the students and teachers and parents too were excited and enjoyed your show."
-Nancy Cadwallader, Pitkin School, East Hartford, CT

" well spent."

"My favorite part was just seeing the kids faces, especially the younger grades. They were totally captivated with everything you did.†I would definitely be interested in other programs you put on. The part with Rudy was fantastic and I think really got the message across.

"Anyone booking this program will not be disappointed.†Tim had the kids attention from the beginning.†He really reinforced the importance of learning and reading over and over. It was exactly what we were looking for to kick off our Summer Reading Program.†The older kids are harder to reach, but they really enjoyed it too.†The kids were still talking about it the next day.†Several of the teachers told me that they were very happy with they way he interacted with the kids.

Thank you so much Tim for the great performance.†We feel that it was money well spent.†You were excellent. -Pam Trinque, Union Free Public Library, Union, CT

      Can you imagine how different your school would be if EVERYBODY genuinely loved reading? And not just because they had a book report to turn in or because someone was watching either. What if students actually enjoyed it? Picture a school full (or even half-full) of honest-to-goodness readers...

      Crazy thought, isnít it? But itís also a good thought!

      Unfortunately, when reality sets in, we see that television, video games, DVDís, computers, and the Internet are all beating out books badly. I mean, itís not even close.

If we are going to raise a generation of strong readers and thinkers, then we need to not only educate our students, but MOTIVATE them as well.

      Yes we need to teach children HOW to read, but if we don't teach them to LOVE to read, then we've failed them, haven't we? People who don't love to read are simply missing out on a big part of life, wouldn't you agree?

      My two exciting assembly programs will generate enthusiasm about reading throughout the entire student body. In fact, here are the specifications for each of the programs:

"I Love Reading"...

  • 45 minutes in length.
  • Fun and educational for grades K-3.
  • Creates positive associations with reading and assigns a substantial VALUE to books and reading.
  • Illustrates how I learned magic from reading books (True!)
  • During the assembly, I lead students through the process of learning a magic trick from a book, illustrating sequential learning in action.
  • The fun character, "Rudy" runs into trouble when he chooses television and the Internet over books. The students help him get back on track.
  • The hysterical and popular frog puppet, Rupert wraps up the presentation and recaps the main points covered.

"The Magic of Reading"...

  • 45 minutes in length.
  • Fun and educational for grades 4-6.
  • Stimulates creative thinking, imagination, and reading comprehension skills.
  • Drives home the importance of reading, even in the "real world".
  • Through role-playing, "Rudy" motivates the students to turn off the TV and pick up a good book.
  • Students and teachers will find the "Vanishing Bandana" routine to be a HILARIOUS highlight of the assembly.
  • Chock-full of magic, mind reading, storytelling, comedy, student participation, audience discussion and interaction, and more.

Both programs are perfect for summer reading kickoffs, reading rewards programs,
libraries, daytime assemblies, book fairs, etc.

What Other Local Teachers, Librarians, And PTA Presidents Have To Say About My "I Love Reading!" and "The Magic of Reading" Programs:

"Weíll definitely have you back"

"The show was great! Not only were the students captivated - but the staff was as well! The biggest complement a performer receives is when the teachers love an assembly. They thought the program was not only educational but most enjoyable. We'll definitely have you back next year!"

Lisa Simione, PAC President, St. Colman School, Brockton, MA

"Tied right inÖ"

"Very enjoyable program with a reading theme, which tied right into our end of the year Reading Celebration."

Deborah Cozzens, Leddy School, Taunton, MA

"Great reading programs"

"Again, thank you for the great reading programs at Pitkin School today. Both the students and teachers and parents too were excited and enjoyed your show."

Nancy Cadwallader, Pitkin School, East Hartford, CT

"Stellar performance"

"Thanks for another stellar performance. When I should be watching your tricks I find I'm looking at the magic at work on the children's faces."

Althea Brady, James White Library, E. Freetown, MA

"Sends a nice message to the children."

"The feedback from the children and parents was wonderful and your 'I Love Reading' program sends a nice message to the children."

Elaine Hennessey, Silver Lake Early Childhood Council, Hanover, MA

A File Drawer Full of Testimonials Prove My Assembly Programs are Educational, Entertaining, and are of the Highest Quality.

      People sometimes ask me, "Tim, arenít some of those testimonials made up?" Nope. Why would I make them up when I literally have a file drawer full of signed, honest to goodness testimonial letters and evaluation forms? Besides, itís considered fraud if you make up testimonials and you could go to jail for it!

Okay Tim, Everything Youíve Said Makes A Lot Of Sense...

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me: (508) 494-8872

Or send an email to me at:

      We can discuss availability and I can answer any questions that you may have. And don't forget to get your password so your can take full advantage of the 10% "Web Site Only Offer" discount!

      Iíll even send you a copy of my latest book "How To Generate Enthusiasm And Increase Participation In Your Schoolís Reading Program" absolutely free when you schedule a program with me. This book contains tried-and-true tips about planning a successful reading program so the event runs as stress-free as possible.

Iím looking forward to your call.


Tim David, Reading Assembly Specialist


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